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Kathie McCurdy

Kathie McCurdy Pressed Flowers and Botanical Art

Akron, OH


Kathie McCurdy Pressed Flowers & Botanical Art grew from my love of nature and flowers. I was caught picking my neighbors flowers at the young age of 5 and dragged home by the neighbor to my mother for punishment. Mom closed the door, smiled and since that time, has always called me "the flower girl". She understood my love for the flowers and the garden. Years later, on my birthday, she wrote a beautiful poem titled, "The Flower Girl" which I will always cherish, especially now, since she has since gone to the big garden in the sky in 2012.

Gardening over the years has taught me so much about flowers and nature in my humble garden. I began pressing flowers 15 years ago as something to get me through the gray, Ohio winter months. Now 15 years and over 200 pressed flower designs later, my work has progressed and blossomed into my own...more contemporary, rather than the traditional pressed flower style seen in days of the past. Greeting cards are sold worldwide of my pressed flower reproductions and are available online at many fine online retailers such as www.overstock.com & www.etsy.com (search for kabloom on etsy).

My work in 2012 has moved into photography of the garden, some just the way I saw them, others are done with a twist of abstract for more of a contemporary look.

Having studied Fashion Design & Dressmaking lead me to a fun collection of fairy attire...a collection titled "Thumbelina's Closet" consisting of 8 botanical dresses made from pressed flowers, botanicals and feathers. You can see all of my work at www.overstock.com (seach for me) & www.etsy.com (www.kabloom.etsy.com) In 2011, I introduced a new collection of pressed flower greeting cards, Classic Black & White, reproductions of my pressed flower work.

I''ve had the good fortune and blessings to license my designs to sell through many online retailers. To view more works of my garden and my pressed flower art, please visit any of the following retailers: walmart.com, overstock.com, staples.com, hayneedle.com kmart.com, sears.com, homedepot.com, amazon.com, hgtvmarketplace.com, hsn.com, yahooshopping.com, theshoppingchannel.com (in Canada) & wayfair.com. Just search for me by name, Kathie McCurdy.

Thank you for stopping by to see my work, I so very much appreciate all my customers and followers...without you, there would be no success and the opportunity to share something I love.

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Atomic Light by Kathie McCurdy


White Daisies by Kathie McCurdy


Spring Dogwood by Kathie McCurdy


Passion Flower by Kathie McCurdy


Purple Rose by Kathie McCurdy


Orange Rose by Kathie McCurdy


Orchids On Chartreuse by Kathie McCurdy


Recipe for Beauty by Kathie McCurdy


Java Time by Kathie McCurdy


Zen Resting Flowers by Kathie McCurdy


Zen Flower Dish by Kathie McCurdy


White Lace by Kathie McCurdy


Snow Flake II by Kathie McCurdy


Snow Flake by Kathie McCurdy


Black Lace by Kathie McCurdy


Rainbow Garden by Kathie McCurdy


The Illustrious Orchid by Kathie McCurdy


Vintage Flower Pot by Kathie McCurdy


Opposites Attract Dahlia by Kathie McCurdy


River Rocks by Kathie McCurdy


Caramel Vine by Kathie McCurdy


Autumn Garden Bouquet by Kathie McCurdy


Sunset Through the Trees by Kathie McCurdy


Woodland by Kathie McCurdy


Autumn Barberry in Transition by Kathie McCurdy